About Me

First & foremost I am a SAHM to my 3 beautiful children - daughter Brielle (aged 8), and twin sons Hunter & Kaden (aged 4). These kids truly are my heart, my soul, my world, and definitely my inspiration!

After the sudden and VERY premature (28 weeks) birth of my boys in mid 2012, and the extremely busy time that followed, I took 16 months off from crafting to concentrate on my family. Once everything settled down, (well as much as it can with two very noisy boys in the house!), I picked up my scissors and got back to doing something for myself and making a mess again!

My creative pursuits include scrapbooking, mixed media, art journaling and photography. I also enjoy cooking, reading and spending time with family and friends. (And like many others these days, I probably waste too much time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and blog hopping! hehe)

My family
My friends
Being a mum
Laughing til you cry
Cadbury chocolate
All things scrappy
Vanilla Lattes
Sleeping in
Someone else washing up
Walking on the beach
Dogs (especially Boxers!)
Eggs Benedict on a Sunday morning
Long showers
Being barefoot
A white - Banrock Station Moscato
A red - Brown Brothers Dolcetto & Syrah

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