Saturday, 14 May 2011

RE-DRAW - Lovelybug Bits n Bobs Facebook Fan Winner!

As last week's prize has gone unclaimed, I've re-drawn a new winner of our 50 Facebook fans giveaway. Our new winning fan number is...

According to the fan list number 35 belongs to...


Congrats Wendy!
Could you send me an email at with your details and I'll get a prize in the mail for you.

To everyone else, thank you very much for your support!
Please continue to share the Lovelybug Bits n Bobs page with your Facebook friends, and we'll have another giveaway soon!

Stay stock will be posted later! ;-)


Anthea said...

Awwwww - that is the WRONG number - again. ;)

Congrats to the winner. :D

Jasmine S said...

Hey Sue, I had to pop by to say I loved your LO in SC this month. I knew I liked you for a We too are just the biggest Survivor fans and that LO is just brilliant. Loved it.
So are you are a Boston Rob fan too?? So hope he wins this one....

The other night I was looking through pics from 9 years ago and we had friends over for a Survivor finale and we were all dressed as contestants (very sad I know but very funny). I was Erin (who if you remember had very large breasts....and happened to be my DH's favourite....don't know so I had balloons under my t-shirt with my bikini over the top. Noice.
Our friend looks like Jeff so he was dressed up as him.
Are we a tad obsessed??

Ali said...

Dang! I was so sure it was going to be me! ;-) How about another redraw lol.

Oh and don't mind me, I'm trying to try and laugh at the same time - balloon boobs - noice one Jas. We're rooting for Boston Rob in this house :)

Kathie said...

woot woot that must be me!!!!

Becci Sundberg said...

Yep wrong number again.
Congrats Wendy!

oops better go survivors on!

Wendy said...

Oh thanks Sue!! awesome!!! I have sent you a reply via FB earlier ... sorry for the delay in getting back to you have had some internet problems recently!! W :)