Saturday, 1 May 2010

Our Baby is Two???

ANZAC Day was a big day for us here...our baby girl turned two!!! (I can still hardly believe that she is already two, it still feels like only yesterday when we brought our tiny girl home!) Brielle had a great day - we started with presents at 7am. She was so over-whelmed when she got up and saw them all, she didn't quite know what to do. (She soon figured it out though...LOL) We had a small party at home to celebrate the day, and Brielle had a ball with everyone and LOVED being the centre of attention...don't know where she gets that from! :p
For a few weeks Brielle had been telling me that she wanted a "Wiggles" cake and yellow balloons for her birthday, so she was VERY excited when she got both of them! Besides the presents, the visitors, the cake, the balloons, the party food and the pinata that cousin Zoe made just for her, she also went swimming in the pool with Zoe AND swimming (in her clothes!) with daddy at the beach. It was a HUGE day for one little girl!

Although I did have the camera out throughout the day, I wasn't entirely happy with the pics I managed to get, so am hoping that someone else got some good ones.
Here are some moments we did manage to capture...

The calm before the storm...where do I start???

First present being opened - a talking "Spotty Wot".

Soon the paper was flying off the presents!

This kitchen was definitely the favourite thing!

Brielle was soon "feeding" everyone in sight!

Great choice dad, Spotty Wot was a hit!

The much-antipated "Wiggles" HAD to be chocolate with sprinkles (her favourite) and HAD to have marshmallows (another favourite). The best part was that she also got some new toys to play with!

Check out how intently she was eyeing off that cake!

A very big blow!!!

Enjoying some party food...too cool for school!

We ended the day with the same toy that had started it all!

Happy birthday baby girl!!! XXX


Wendy said...

Oh Sue what a fun day!! Happy birthday to Brielle!! You do have some great photos and I just love the last one .. so precious after such a busy day!!! Love your 2 LO's too especially the one with the pink bear .. cute!! :)

Marelize said...

Looks like Brielle had a blast Sue! Your little girl is growing up beautifully! I love that last pic too! So sweet! :)

Julie said...

I was thinking of you all over the long weekend. So glad you posted some pics :)
2 is such a beautiful age... :)

Paula said...

Looks like a fun day all round...very happy she enjoyed her day! Love the pics, especially the 6th one with Spotty Wot...gorgeous!

Belinda Lowe said...

Very cute Sue - i can see why you just adore her

Chantal said...

Gorgeous pics! I especially love the last one, asleep with the Wot Wot (not sure if it's Spotty Wot or Dotty Wot?). :D