Friday, 25 September 2009

My Budding Artist!

A new experience for Brielle today...her first time drawing! She used her new crayons that Auntie Mandy gave her and loved it. Perhaps I may have a budding artist on my hands, because she ended up doing about 6 drawings, which she proudly presented to her dad later on. (I would love to say no crayons were harmed during the making of these pictures, but that wouldn't be true...however, they were only SMALL nibbles! LOL)

Gosh, I look at these pictures and realise that she's growing up so quickly! (17 months old today.) On another note, happy birthday to my mum, who is celebrating her 60th birthday today!!! (I would love to show you her presents, but can't share until after I give them to her.)

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Anthea said...

Word of advice - don't let her near a wall with them. lol. Crayon is VERY hard to get off - worse than marker....and yes....I know. One of Matthews very first pieces of artwork was a lovely crayon mural on a newly painted hallway! It only took him a few seconds to get it up there, but could still be there till this very day!!!

Brielle is gorgeous!