Saturday, 15 August 2009

Some CC LO's and Cards!

Even though the SBT50 Zany Zodiac CC has officially come to an end, there are still a full 2 weeks of scrapping ahead to get entries in! I haven't done too badly so far, have managed to complete a few challenges (but still have a few to go!) I have a really long list to finish off this month actually, as I now have my extra DT responsibilities to get through. (Mojo, please don't leave me now!)

Anyway, the next of the challenges I completed was the "Star-Crossed Challenge". For this one, we had to embellish our LO using stars and also include the quote "If I had a star for every time you made me smile, I would be holding the night sky in my hand". I really enjoyed the look that using a mask achieved on one of my recent LO's so decided to try it again for this. I hand-cut my own star mask from scrap paper and then just sponged paint over it with a Chux cloth. I love the effect it gives!

"U r my angel" - finally I got to scrap this pic of Brielle that I adore!

And for the second part of the challenge, here is the card I made with the scraps...

The next challenge I did was the "Scrap Your Sign Challenge". For this one, we had to do a LO using a criteria designed according to our star sign (I'm a Virgo). The criteria was based on what element our sign is (earth - had to use ink), our birthstone (sapphire - had to use blue) and a personal characteristic of the sign (perfectionist - had to use the word perfect). I decided to do a LO dedicated to Shannon for a change...and let's face it, it was a great excuse for me to use this hot pic I took of him at Fraser Island!

"My Perfect 10" - just look at the pic, I think that says it all! (Love ya babe!)

And here's the card I did...

This last LO is one I completed just last night for Charmane Koch's free online class at SBT50. (If you like the LO and you would like to have a go at it yourself, the instructions are still up and you can find them here.) Charmane is sooo talented and I am so glad I did her class (picked up a couple of handy tips!) The kit was gorgeous and I still have quite a few bits and pieces left over for another LO and probably a card too! (There may be a couple of kits left, you can check here.)Have a look at this stunner...

"Love Is All You Need" - created using Charmane Koch's online class instructions & kit from SBT50. Pic of us, with Brielle almost 2 months old.


my2angels said...

Love the sponging with a Chux lol great effect!
They are all great layouts
Tracy :)

TribeRingers said...

Great stuff! Charm's class LO is fab, hope to get into mine sometime today during the houseworky things that HAVE to be done.

Have a great week!

Anthea said...

Love your LOs.

Had fun doing the LO on the weekend with Charmane, but I think it would of been easier if I had the kit. Mine didn't come together so well (the colours are off). If it stops raining here today I will try and get a pic to post.

Kathie said...

Your work is just amazing Sue!! Just dropping in to say hello!!

retta said...

Fantastic work Sue! absolutley fantastic. Sorry for not reading your comments earlier.