Tuesday, 11 August 2009

An Amazing RAK!

Well I must have done something right in the universe lately, because it's been raining good surprises on me this week! I have just received the most amazing RAK from the darling Kathie at Scraphappy Kat! I could not believe my eyes when I opened up the package, I thought it was Christmas! So to the dear Kathie, I say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Mwah! Check this out...

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Kathie said...

Oh Sue!! Its great to be able to bless you lovely girls.....life is not worth living without a little bit of candy, especially scrapping candy!!! You needed it more than most!! You are such a sweet lady, I was so glad that it was your name that was pulled out twice!!!
Have fun with the stuff.
Love Kathie
ps I will get around to putting the circle of friends on to my blog!!