Thursday, 2 July 2009

Last of June's LO's!

Here are the last of my June LO's. The first one was for the Quote Challenge at Scrapbook Top 50. We were given the quote "Someplace to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing". Other than that, we were given free rein to do what we liked. I already had a picture of our family that I was wanting to scrap, and it just came together from that. I love how it's come out, (although the colours look different IRL).

"Family" - created for SBT50 June Quote challenge. Pic is of Shannon, Brielle & I down the beach on Mothers Day.
The next LO was for the 1,2,3 Challenge Blog. It was for an additional challenge that was set this month - the BIG challenge. The criteria that had to be included was bling, a big date and a quote. I chose to use Robert DeNiro's famous movie quote from the movie Taxi Driver - "Are You Talkin' To Me?" We also had to choose at least 2 other criteria to include. I managed to use staples, alpha stickers, die cut paper and a pink, red & black colour scheme. This LO is a bit more reflective of the current more 'random' style I am enjoying.

"Are You Talkin' To Me?" - LO created for the 1,2,3 Blog big challenge. Pic was taken by one of the mums from our mum's group.


Kylie said...

how cute....congrats on the DT team

Anthea said...

mmmm - I must of missed a few posts!

Love this LO! Love the ribbons especially.

Also - love the latest photos of Brielle.....she is just too cute.

retta said...

Great lo sue! Love the 'Are you talking to me'! Keep it up!