Thursday, 21 May 2009

My winning OTP creation!

Well the Mothers Day CC has finished over at SB Top 50, although there are still 2 challenges that are being voted on by members. The remaining festivities have wrapped up though and I am excited to say that I won something! Challenge # 2 was an OTP project (something I've not done many of) and the criteria was that it had to feature family portraits and be a pen holder. I decided that my theme would be the girls in our family and included pics of me, my mum, my sister, my niece and my daughter. I used an old wafer tin that I had been keeping for just such an occasion. I started by painting it black and then used lots of pink embellishments. (Well I couldn't resist using my favourite colour...which just happened to go perfectly with girls!) The prize is a $20 voucher from online store MY2ANGELS, so I can't wait to spend it and get a few new goodies. MY2ANGELS are also sponsoring the Tiaras & Crowns Cyber Crop at SB Top 50 which starts on June 10th...can't wait for that one!
Here is my (winning) pen holder...

"Girls of our Family" pen holder which won the OTP challenge for SB Top 50 Mothers Day CC.

In unrelated news, I have dropped another 2 kgs, making 6kgs so far. (And that was even with being lazy the last couple of weeks!) If I lost another 15kgs I'd be happy...


Anthea said...

Hey Sue - the CC was great - challanging, but fun. I have never done one before and am still in shock that I managed to do 5 LOs in one is crazy! Although mine LOs are far from the best, I am really happy with how they came out, although I would make some changes looking back at some of them now - but just little things like titles and the such. Would love for you to go and have a looksie.

Love your pen holder. The closest I have come to doing an otp is a little alligator clip thingy to put a photo in!

Also, and sorry for the long reply....good for you on 6 kgs...that is great. I have lost about 5 - but the first weight was the heaviest I have been (except when my scales were reading wrong if you remember that...hehe)!

Bye for now and hope you are not getting flooded out!

Anonymous said...

Wtg to go winner the OTP pen pot over at the Top 50. I really liked it and loved the colours
Best wishes
Tracy aka my2angels
PS WTG on losing the kilos I must do something about the Mt Everest growing where my butt should be LOL