Sunday, 17 May 2009

First steps!

What an exciting day! Brielle took her first unassisted steps today when she let go of the coffee table and took about 6 steps over to me. She was so excited when she did it, she clapped herself. I was even more excited, and immediately started yelling to Shannon to come and see. I then got her to do it another dozen times - it was so cute! We had thought she was getting close, as she had started to let go of the furniture every now and then, but she really took me by surprise today.

It's been a pretty good week. I took Brielle for her 1 year old needles on Tuesday morning which wasn't too bad. She was a bit unsettled that day, but has been fine since. She has also finally started saying "mum" (hooray), so at least now I don't have to listen to "dad"all the time! On Friday we had a lovely day at the park with some mums from our Mums Group. The weather has been gorgeous here the last few days and the kids had a ball playing on the grass and in the sand. Last night we stayed over at Shannon's mate's place after a BBQ and a few drinks. Brielle was perfect - she loved being around all the kids and went to bed fine and slept all night. (Woke up her hungover dad at 6.20am with a good loud yell...cop that!!!)

The other highlight of my week is that I won a prize from SB Top 50! It's a paper punch pack worth $50!!! Woo hoo! Should be here in the next day or so. I also received in the mail some cute Bella stickers for winning the SM Forum April Sketch Challenge. (Now that's the kind of mail I like!) I managed to complete another LO for the Mothers Day CC. This one was a colour challenge using grey, pink, blue and yellow. Not entirely happy with the result, but didn't want to spend any more time on it. (There are 2 challenges left to do...hope I get time to do them!)

"Mothers Day" - LO created for colour challenge (grey, pink, blue & yellow). Pics are of me with Brielle at 11 hours old.

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