Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Another win!

After being away for the weekend, I had a wonderful surprise when I got home and found out that I had won another challenge from the SB Top 50 Mothers Day CC. The challenge had been voted on by members and was for my LO "forever..." (see pic in earlier post). Even Shannon loved this LO and suggested we frame it and hang it in Brielle's room. Anyway, for winning the challenge I won not one, but TWO $20 vouchers! The first is to Scrappybitz, and the second is to HoneypotKids Crafts. Can't wait to spend them and get some new goodies!
I'm sure that the new supplies will be put to good use during the upcoming "Crowns and Tiaras" CC happening at SB Top 50 (June 10th-16th). For anyone wanting to join SB Top 50, simply register and go here to introduce yourself. (Don't forget to mention that you were referred to the site by Soupie as there is a comp running.) If you want to check out the details of the upcoming CC, you can read all about it here. There are going to be some great prizes on offer and its sure to be heaps of fun!

Our trip away on the weekend was great. We had a chance to catch up with all of Shannon's family and Brielle had a ball with all her cousins. It was so cute to see her with her cousin Lucas, who was born the day before her. As soon as she saw him, she just wanted to follow him everywhere. (Lucas is the son of Shannon's twin sister. It is amazing to think that these 2 bubs were due 7 weeks apart and ended up being born only 1 day apart - it's gotta be something to do with the twin thing!)
Brielle & Lucas - the cousins born one day apart!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

My winning OTP creation!

Well the Mothers Day CC has finished over at SB Top 50, although there are still 2 challenges that are being voted on by members. The remaining festivities have wrapped up though and I am excited to say that I won something! Challenge # 2 was an OTP project (something I've not done many of) and the criteria was that it had to feature family portraits and be a pen holder. I decided that my theme would be the girls in our family and included pics of me, my mum, my sister, my niece and my daughter. I used an old wafer tin that I had been keeping for just such an occasion. I started by painting it black and then used lots of pink embellishments. (Well I couldn't resist using my favourite colour...which just happened to go perfectly with girls!) The prize is a $20 voucher from online store MY2ANGELS, so I can't wait to spend it and get a few new goodies. MY2ANGELS are also sponsoring the Tiaras & Crowns Cyber Crop at SB Top 50 which starts on June 10th...can't wait for that one!
Here is my (winning) pen holder...

"Girls of our Family" pen holder which won the OTP challenge for SB Top 50 Mothers Day CC.

In unrelated news, I have dropped another 2 kgs, making 6kgs so far. (And that was even with being lazy the last couple of weeks!) If I lost another 15kgs I'd be happy...

Monday, 18 May 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Today is my darling man's 33rd birthday and exactly 8 years since our first date. (I still maintain that I was the best birthday present he ever got!) It's been a fabulous 8 years and we've had lots of fun and wild times. Although things have changed dramatically since there's been 3 of us, this crazy ride aint over yet!
Love ya babe!!! XXX

Sunday, 17 May 2009

First steps!

What an exciting day! Brielle took her first unassisted steps today when she let go of the coffee table and took about 6 steps over to me. She was so excited when she did it, she clapped herself. I was even more excited, and immediately started yelling to Shannon to come and see. I then got her to do it another dozen times - it was so cute! We had thought she was getting close, as she had started to let go of the furniture every now and then, but she really took me by surprise today.

It's been a pretty good week. I took Brielle for her 1 year old needles on Tuesday morning which wasn't too bad. She was a bit unsettled that day, but has been fine since. She has also finally started saying "mum" (hooray), so at least now I don't have to listen to "dad"all the time! On Friday we had a lovely day at the park with some mums from our Mums Group. The weather has been gorgeous here the last few days and the kids had a ball playing on the grass and in the sand. Last night we stayed over at Shannon's mate's place after a BBQ and a few drinks. Brielle was perfect - she loved being around all the kids and went to bed fine and slept all night. (Woke up her hungover dad at 6.20am with a good loud yell...cop that!!!)

The other highlight of my week is that I won a prize from SB Top 50! It's a paper punch pack worth $50!!! Woo hoo! Should be here in the next day or so. I also received in the mail some cute Bella stickers for winning the SM Forum April Sketch Challenge. (Now that's the kind of mail I like!) I managed to complete another LO for the Mothers Day CC. This one was a colour challenge using grey, pink, blue and yellow. Not entirely happy with the result, but didn't want to spend any more time on it. (There are 2 challenges left to do...hope I get time to do them!)

"Mothers Day" - LO created for colour challenge (grey, pink, blue & yellow). Pics are of me with Brielle at 11 hours old.

Monday, 11 May 2009

More CC LO's!

I have completed 2 more LO's for the SB Top 50 CC. The first was for a Basic Grey challenge. We had to use pieces from a BG range no bigger than 4x4cm in size, with a maximum of 10 allowed. This criteria made me think of a quilt, and I knew I had the perfect photo. I chose the BG "Blush" range, and used Sweetie and Eternity papers.

"Quilt of Love" - LO created for Basic Grey challenge and features picture of Brielle on her special quilt.

In the next challenge, we were given a list of random words to choose 3 from. Each word was coded to a type of embellishment and we were limited to using the ones our words meant. Mine ended up being chipboard, ribbons and rub-ons. I wanted to keep in theme with Mother's Day so chose the rub-on: "A mother holds your hand for awhile and your heart forever" and the LO began there.

"{forever...}" - LO created for special Mother's Day challenge and feature Brielle's hand at 5 months old. (I have since found out I won this challenge.)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mothers Day Cyber Crop

It seems I joined SB Top 50 at the right time, as there is currently a Mothers Day Cyber Crop running there. There are a lot of challenges to take part in and I have just completed my first one. (Luckily I have until the 20th May to get as many done as I can!) The first challenge was to do a LO and include the quote: "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take". (How true!)

Here's my LO...

"One of a Kind" - pic of Brielle & I. (Love how great the flowers look here!)

In an extra bit of scrapping news, I won the April sketch challenge on the SM Forum the other day! I am so excited, and grateful that other scrappers liked my LO enough to vote for it.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Just checking in...

Just checking in after a few days at my mum's place last week. I had a chance to catch up with my sister, (down from Townsville), before she jetted off to L.A. with her hubby for a couple of weeks. (Lucky duck!) Brielle was excited to see her cousins (Madeline, 3 and Jackson, 2) and we had another birthday cake for her while there. Then it was back home again for the weekend so we could attend another 1st birthday party (the last from our mum's group). Phew! Thank goodness 1st birthday party season is over for the year!

I am hoping to get some scrapping done over the next few days. I joined Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia yesterday as they seem to have a great variety of challenges on offer. I am hoping that the challenges may push me to scrap more and it's always nice to make new friends!

Jackson, Brielle & Madeline - you've got no chance of them looking at the camera when there's icecream cake!