Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My baby is one!

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is now a big one year old! We celebrated Brielle's birthday on Saturday with a party at the park and were blessed with spectacular weather. In true form, Brielle spent most of her time eating, and lapped up all the attention. I made her a cake in the shape of a pig, as she has inherited my love of pigs. As soon as she saw it on the table she started snorting at it, which had everyone in fits of laughter, and had Brielle giving herself a round of applause. She lasted until quite late in the afternoon before she got tired, and I then took her home for a nap. (Daddy stayed at the park to have a few more "celebratory" beers.) We then attended a BBQ that night for another 1 year old birthday, making it a HUGE day. It was such a big day, we didn't do presents until Sunday morning, so Brielle was able to appreciate them. It really was a happy birthday!
Here are some pics...
Brielle Rose - my beautiful birthday girl!

Birthday cuddles with mummy.

Let me at it...snorting with delight at her pig cake.


Is this really for me? Quick dad, get it out of the box!

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Anthea said...

Your photos are beautiful. Glad to hear that Brielle had such a lovely day.