Friday, 16 October 2009

Retro CC LO's!

Well I have managed quite a bit of scrapping this week, all for the Scrapbooking Top 50 "Let's Go Retro Cyber Crop. As I mentioned in my previous post, many of the challenges have been set "by decade", with the criteria inspired by key features of each one.

This first LO was completed for the "Shagadelic 70's" challenge. The criteria for this challenge was to use hand-decorated cardstock (inspired by colourful hand-painted combi vans), bling (very disco!) and a minimalist approach (in honour of the mini skirt). I chose to decorate my cardstock by stamping and hand-colouring it.

This next LO was for the "Fab 60's" challenge. The criteria for this challenge involved taking inspiration from a famous album cover of the 60's, 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' by the Beatles. The cover could be used in any way to inspire a LO, but 3 key features that had to be included were a black and white photo, layering and a title & subtitle. I also chose to use a silhouetted photo and lots of colour.

This final LO, was for the individual criteria challenge, "What's Your Scene?" Members were asked to select 4 images from a list of 12, with each one being representative of a criteria. As our DT already knew what the criteria were, ours were selected by members. I ended up with use a monochromatic colour scheme, embellishment cluster, lace and doodling. I also used my avatar photo, which we usually ask members to do for each CC. This month we asked members to posta "retro" picture of themselves, so I posted one of me in the 70's...just a toddler.


Anonymous said...

Great layouts Sue, love the stamping on the first one.
Cool doodling on the sisters layout and love the bubblewrap painting on you as a toddler. The monochromatic colour scheme blends all beautifully.

Sharon said...

Just loving all of your work Sue, these are just fabulous. I really love them

Take Care

TribeRingers said...

Fab work Sue, my favourite is the last one - the red looks fantastic!

Have a great week.

Anthea said...

You are just scrapping up a storm this month. Love all your LOs. I am going really slowly - sooo much happening and oh - so tired!